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Our international tennis friends, you are friendly welcome in the Heart of Europe, in Czech Republic, in  the tennis paradise! 

And we would like to invite you to our country, where you can try to learn tennis in our typical succesfull Czech tennis school, and at the same time you can recognize life and culture in the heart of  Europe. 

Shortly about us - about Tennis academy JUNIOR TENNIS.   We are tennis academy with speciality - as the name of our school suggests - in junior tennis to about 18 years of age.  And we can boast - we are the succesfull academy in Czech tennis - our players won each of  last 4 years  some of  the Czech tennis title! From 1996 we were the member of the world organization SPORT FOR UNDERSTANDING, in cooperation with this organization and with our foreign friends and tennis partners (especially with Ann Cohn and Jaro Vrba) we  made in years 97-99 tennis camps in USA (Washington DC) and in Europe (Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic). And after canceling of SFU organization  in 99, we continue in preparing of international tennis camps for young players from different countries, to offer them international tennis meetings, new life experiences, making  friends with sportsmen from other  parts of world, and to recognize history and culture in the middle of Europe.

Here is the example of typical program of our camps:
- for European teams 1-2 week stay in Czech Republic, for overseas teams 3-4 week stay, with the base in town Ostrava 
- tennis programme - twice in a day tennis practising -3-4 hours daily (in summer above all on red clay courts, in winter in
                                 modern outdoor hall with 4 artificial courts - TARAFLEX 
                              - sparing matches with czech juniors, training with top czech coaches (speaking english and
- other sport programme -supplementary sports - swimming, cycling, basketball, soccer, relax, sauna, massage
- cultural and travel programme - 3-4 day trips to the wellknown historical cities and capitals - to Prague, Vienna, Krakow, to instead of Czech Republic, other 4 European countries Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Germany  

References about us:  Ann Cohn (USA)   - head uf the US team in Europe 2000              e-mail:
                                     Laurie Stien (USA) - USTA coach of US team                               e-mail:
                                     Klaus Becher (Germany) - German coach, Nr.1 coaching licence    e-mail:

Are you interested in our programme, would you like to know more? OK, with pleasure, please call us, contact us through e-mail, or write us to: 

Mirek Skokan
Oty  Synka 1844
708 00 Ostrava-Poruba
Czech Republic


Home telephone: ++  420 596955013   (from USA 011 420 596955013)
Mobil telephone: ++  420 602779800   (from USA 011 420 602779800)